Saturday, August 9, 2014

New Forces is proud to present the winter 2018 update.
Amplified Humans Festival DVD
This 2-DVD set captures, in their entirety, all 25 performances at the 2016 Amplified Humans Festival in Dayton, Ohio. Shot from three camera angles by Jay Linski (Bullart Video), and accompanied by sound-board audio, this is the next best thing to having attended the festival. With more than 5 hours of footage across two professionally manufactured DVDs, you can view the performances from start to finish or use the menu to select individual sets. See the rapid-fire Japanoise mastery of Killer Bug, Kazuma Kubota, and Facialmess. Watch The Rita perform walls of underwater snorkel-noise while submerged in a basin of water. Enjoy the tense sonic manipulations of John Wiese. And watch Aaron Dilloway turn in a now-legendary performance that rests at the top of the "best set ever" list for many of the festival's attendees. These are just a few of the amazing performances captured on this DVD which also features a soundtrack composed by Blessed Sacrifist. A chance to relive an unforgettable weekend for those that attended, and an essential noise document for those who weren't there. Full performances by: Killer Bug, Kazuma Kubota, Facialmess, The Rita, John Wiese, Knurl, Kazumoto Endo & Kazuma Kubota, Richard Ramirez, Aaron Dilloway, Rodger Stella, Scalp Elevator, Paranoid Time, T.E.F., Plague Mother, Worth, Deterge, Kakerlak, Skin Graft, A Snake In The Garden, Diaphragmatic, Harness, Action/Discipline, Alex York, and Daniel Rizer.

New Forces Zine Issue 8

The latest issue of the New Forces fanzine. Interviews with Rusalka, Ligature, Juhyo, and Interracial Sex, along with reviews, live photos, and other commentary.

Worth - The Steps CS (4$ each wholesale)
Unbridled and varied harsh noise from Will Vangorder, who has be an integral part of the American noise scene for two decades as Worth, Weak Sisters, and as a member of Other People's Children. Few artists have developed such a unique approach to harsh noise. Worth focuses on damaged, fried electronics that hover just on the verge of total collapse, an onslaught that skews familiar archetypes in favor of a singular, devastating sonic voice. Very much in the spirit of the recent (and incredible) Worth LP, "The Steps" is essential listening for anyone invested in US noise. A total brain-melter.

Rusalka - Revisualizations CS
Rusalka is Vancouver’s Kate Rissiek. Along with kindred projects like The Rita, Taskmaster, Flatgrey, Sick Buildings, and others, Rusalka helped to make that city a premiere location for a particularly monolithic and extreme style of harsh noise during the mid-2000's. Staying ahead of the curve, "Revisualizations" refuses easy characterization. The listener is enveloped in continually shifting cascading walls of sound, interspersed with meditative passages of extreme electronic frequencies. Few artists wield such raw power combined with careful attention to detail and compositional pacing. A welcome return from one of North America's finest.

Body Stress / Yasuhito Fujinami "Her Weeping Echoes" CS
Combining two of the freshest voices in contemporary harsh noise, "Her Weeping Echoes" brings together Denmark's Body Stress and Japan's Yasuhito Fujinami. Together they achieve a rare feat, presenting a split release that manages to capture a cohesive sound and atmosphere while still showcasing what makes each artist unique. Body Stress pushes their frenetic approach to noise to even greater extremes on the A-side. This is impossibly fast and pummeling music. Dynamic electronics taken to the limit. Moving beyond cut-up harsh noise into something new; the future is bright. On the flip side, Yasuhito Fujinami joins a small cadre of artists like Tourette, Oscillating Innards, Kazuma Kubota, and Pedestrian Deposit, who manage to seamlessly intersperse tense and beautiful ambient passages with harrowing noise eruptions. Incredibly detailed compositions that tell a story, Yasuhito Fujinami is one of the most exciting artists to emerge from Japan's storied noise underground. Meet your two favorite new artists.

Kjostad - Wolf Knoll Road CS
A limited reissue of the very first Kjostad recordings. A chance for new listeners to explore the early experiments that have since morphed into a full-scale project. A dark blend of field recordings, metal, tape manipulations, ice, water, and wind. Sometimes minimal, sometimes climaxing into a crude release of noise. Attempts to find a balancing point between cold water, clean air, and the filth of rusted metal. 

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